I was questioning me this morning, why I was running behind this knowledge and patterns from book that can enlighten me and answer my question. Was I looking for something that I forgot?

In this process I saw or felt understanding that why was not the question that lead me…

So, I was thinking that are we really intelligent or became intelligent over years of progression? The answer from sapiens book I got was No. There is no research that states that we got better as our generations changed.

It maybe means our environment has changed but not our capacity…

why not use all the objects you can get your hands on and engage in it fully.

Whats the purpose of simulation ?To engage in it that feels great.

So while I was reading the blog Elon Musk’s secret sauce from wait but why.I felt this is how this guy sees that Elon Musk thinks and succeed.

So the writer maybe sees and explains the topic of first principle from different perspective that made my mind clear about the…

I started following a schedule in February. Doing everything as per the schedule focusing on a reminder list, made a checklist to follow the routine and daily writing gratitude and goals. Now, it all feels like I am just doing to clear my reminders. (A machine) but the point is…

The Art of thinking clearly

people systematically overestimate their chances of success. Guard against it by frequently visiting the graves of once-promising projects, investments and careers.

be wary when you are encouraged to strive for certain things — be it abs of steel, immaculate looks, a higher income, a long…

graph importance and urgency graph

Time is allocation

  • Measure your time to be able to allocate it to better suit needs and your kind of schedule
  • The image given above should also have field of amount of time as z-axis to really understand and rather then dropping something utilise it as per your needs and living.

Time is Energy

  • Time is about energy throughout day of mental working energy, emotional energy, physical energy

Time is money

  • Consider the opportunity cost of utilising your time.

Rather then saying I am busy say that it is not your priority.

Don’t Try

  • it’s giving a fuck about less, giving a fuck about only what is true and immediate and important.

The Feedback Loop from Hell

  • The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience.

The Subtle Art…


hold my consciousness!

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