• I wanted to start and control my pc securely from anywhere.


  • Raspberry pi (3 in my case and wifi enabled)
  • Internet connection
  • Ethernet Cable

Basic steps

  1. Local Access Setup — to check the things work in local (wifi) network
  • Basic raspberry pi setup with os.
  • Connect raspberry pi and pc with ethernet…



Why starve in the 🌎, where no one is right there at right time. Collectively we know what can happen, but do we live that way? How do we be part of the another average, the average that wish for and want to drive towards. Chaos average!

From where do we divide that we are deluding ourself or working for better future? Questions or representation of 🖤.

Are we lost ? Or are we found ? Or the prison decides what we are in every other day !

I ✍️. To stay , I do to stay . Maybe forever forgotten but here. To the green light. Should I be worried to the weights I carry or should I be laughed for forgetting my weights ?

Questions here, and questions there! What a ride !?.



Tales from magazine portrayed on the frames. Beautifully converts the one form of art to feel like part of another art. This conversation delights and creates little amusement as you see.

Thank you for the feeling, delight and fresh emotions.